Horse Stall Shavings for Animal Bedding

Wood Shavings for Sale in Bulk Can Save You Time, Labor and Money

Grogan Shavings is a major supplier of high-quality, wood shavings delivered to your farm, equine facility or ranch by truck. Compared to the cost and labor of bagged shavings, a truck load of Grogan’s wood shavings sold in bulk could save your barn time, work and money. Our all-natural shavings are used for stall bedding horses, goats and other livestock including swine and cattle.


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Grogan Shavings & Sawdust

High-Quality Bedding

Made from 100% organic, premium grade pine or cedar


Kiln-drying provides maximum absorption qualities

Soft Texture

Provides comfortable bedding and a happy home

All Natural

Eco-friendly shavings does not contain by-products

Eco-Friendly, Premium Quality Shavings

Grogan’s top-quality wood shavings are made only from kiln-dried pine and cedar lumber providing maximum absorbency with the least amount of waste. Wood shavings are generated by a planer mill which produces consistently sized flakes making stall picking more efficient. Our clean, ultra-low dust shavings mean that your horses and animals are free of exposure to mold, chemicals and inherent tree resins found in other types of wood shavings that could cause serious health problems or allergic reactions.

Dependable, Year-Round Service with Next-Day Delivery to Your Barn or Stable

At Grogan Shavings, we provide year-round, next-day delivery of bulk wood shavings to your barn from our central location in Cumming, Georgia. Many customers wonder how we can accomplish this. Well, we’ve been providing shavings to customers in North Georgia since 1952 so we’ve learned to do things right along the way.

First, we start by collecting shavings in our own trailers at mills processing kiln-dried pine and cedar lumber throughout the Southeast. When full, the trailers are brought to our new central storage and distribution facility for unloading onto a concrete-floored, all metal building to protect them from moisture.

When a customer calls in an order, stall shavings are loaded onto a new truck specially designed for hauling shavings and delivered by a courteous driver who respects your property. Shavings are unloaded in under five minutes and the truck leaves quietly. Shavings are kept dry and completely out of the weather from the moment they are collected in our trailers at the mill to our central inventory facility to delivery to your barn.

Chris Grogan and his father Jim Grogan - Owners of Grogan Waste Services

Excellent Customer Service

We store an average of 150-300 truck loads of the highest quality wood shavings at any given moment. Ample supply means we can fulfill most customer orders usually within 24 hours. When you call Grogan Shavings, one of the owners will answer the phone and schedule delivery. Shavings can be unloaded in a covered storage shed, inside a barn or spread evenly using a spreader truck for riding arenas or chicken barns.

Grogan Shavings can deliver right into your barn!
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