Premium-Quality Sawdust

100% Pine Sawdust for Horse Bedding, Poultry Farms and Commercial Absorption Applications

Since 1952, Grogan Shavings has been a provider of high-quality sawdust to customers in Georgia and surroundings states. Our 100% organic, pine wood sawdust is made from blade cuttings of kiln-dried lumber and then screened to remove dust. The end result is a premium product that offers excellent performance characteristics across a wide spectrum of applications requiring sawdust. Sawdust is available as aged or green-fresh depending on your requirements.

Grogan Shavings and Sawdust for chicken houses and coops

All-Natural Pine Sawdust & Shavings

Easy on the hooves for stall bedding

Screened to Remove Dust Particles

Creates a clean environment

Aged or Green-Fresh Sawdust

Choose the appropriate sawdust

Delivered by the Truckload

Saves customers time and money

Horse Bedding and Riding Arenas

With no additives or preservatives, our sawdust is ideal for horse owners who prefer a smaller particle size for their stall bedding. For controlling dust in indoor or outdoor riding arenas, our spreader truck we can put down a layer of green sawdust to any depth. Equine customers for sawdust applications include show barns, boarding stables, performance horse owners and breeding facilities.

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Sawdust for horse stalls
Grogan Shavings provides premium sawdust for many uses.

Plant Nurseries

Plant nursery customers utilize our all-natural, aged sawdust for bedding of trees and plants to hold-in moisture, resulting in better root development and stronger plant growth. Sawdust is easy to work with and can be mixed in with red clay to achieve desired soil consistency. Grogan’s sawdust is made from 100%, eco-friendly pine and does not contain resins or acid found in oak or other wood that can be harmful to plants.


Landscapers utilize Grogan Shavings 100% organic, aged sawdust as mulch in landscaping and gardening projects to keep plants looking healthy and customers feeling happy. Benefits of using sawdust in landscaping projects include:

  • Reduced water evaporation from the soil
  • Prevention of weed growth
  • Plant root protection against extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Improved soil structure and organic composition

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Grogans Sawdust for Landscaping

Aged Horse Manure

Grogan Shavings offers aged horse manure to enhance the organic composition of soil for gardens and landscaping, mulching beds and use as a top-dressing for lawns. We can deliver any quantity of this complete, all-purpose gardening material to your nursery operation or landscaping job site.

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Poultry Farms and Chicken Houses

Grogan Shavings has been providing prompt delivery of sawdust for use as poultry bedding (chicken litter) since the start of the company. We can spread an even layer of sawdust to any depth inside of most barns with our efficient spreader truck. Our 100% pine sawdust is a safe material for poultry bedding in chicken houses.

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Grogans Sawdust for poultry & chicken bedding
Grogan Shavings provides premium sawdust for many uses.

Absorption Product Additive

Grogan Shavings sawdust is used as an absorption additive by industrial manufacturers to produce a final product or by environmental clean-up service companies. Applications include:


  • Absorbing spills and liquids
  • Concrete floor sweep for cleaning
  • Solidification of paint, oil and liquids in cans to meet solid waste disposal requirements in landfills
  • Mobile truck vacuuming of petroleum products, oily water and chemicals from storage tanks, automotive repair & wash bay floor sumps and 55-gallon barrels
  • Removal and processing of sludge, grease and grime

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